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Installation of Interest:
Data Communication/Visualization

Check out Lauren Manning's installation/survey about data visualization methods.

She has created and mounted 40-odd versions of a big yet easy-to-understand data set. Viewers can show her which versions attracted them most strongly, got them thinking, and so forth by marking up "experience cards" that show the array in miniature.

My own faves tend to be those that illustrate the proportions of different foods in fresh ways (mostly in the Abstract/Complex quadrant of her matrix), rather than just showing images and labeling them with numbers (the Simple/Literal quadrant).

Among those I like best:

Food by Line Weight
Concentric Circles
Shaded Box Chart
Stacked Bar Chart and Mini Months

At the same time, I found a few of the formats hard to grasp; one such is the Rainbow Diagram Full Circle. I don't understand the purpose of the connections or the meaning of the line width. It needs a legend, at the very least.

Still, the photoset/installation overall is very much wort…